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About ACCE(I)

Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) is the premier professional body of Civil Engineers founded in 1985, having its head office at Benguluru, India with over 39 centers and about 8000+ members spread all over India it is the only organization that brings all Civil Engineers, Government and its organizations, R&D Institutions and Academia under one roof


ACCE (I) takes the responsibility to disseminate the knowledge among all Consulting Civil Engineers, Developers, Faculty members and students to form a bridge between education and industry and also establish rules for professional & ethical conduct & to develop social awareness.


ACCE(I) has shown tremendous potential for growth with a strong and deliberate mission. To encourage and foster the ideals of the profession. To hold conferences/meetings/seminars for dissemination of knowledge among the Civil Engineers in particulars and society in general. To promote friendship, establish rules for professional and ethical conduct and to develop social awareness and responsibility among the members. To bring the latest technological advancements in the world to the members and prepare them to carry out futuristic designs with an eye on assurance of quality.

Knowledge Partner

About AIT Solutions

In 2010, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand established AIT Solutions as an outreach center with the goal of sharing the institute’s knowledge and expertise in engineering, technology, infrastructure, and conducting knowledge transfer activities with industry and community partners. AIT Solutions (AITS) has provided solutions and services for over 150 tall building projects, including wind engineering studies, performance-based seismic design, and real-time structural health monitoring. AIT Solutions has established the CSi BIM Lab to advance the application of BIM in building design, construction, management, and operation.